Women Aligned


Realign your goals with soul in 2021

How to align your passion with profit (aka get paid for what you love to do) and build a business you love by simply being yourself!

We start Tuesday, March 30, 2021


How to embody your purpose and get paid doing what you love

How to set yourself up for strategic growth and impact

Ways to get laser FOCUS and take inspired action every day!

If you can relate to any of this, 
you won't want to miss this:

You consider yourself a Soulpreneur

You love your work and are building a business that stems from your your mind, and also your heart and soul.

You have big ideas, just waiting to be birthed

Great ideas are not your problem! Your creative mind however, sometimes keeps you off track and unfocused.

You're ready, once and for all, to make a change

You've always been ambitious, but now is the time to really get down to business and make shifts happen.

Join us for a 3 days starting March 30, 2021 to Align your Passion with Profit!

We will be going live on Facebook each day, and will able to answer questions and interact in the group.

Next Steps:

Meet your Coaches, Rachel & Natalie

Rachel Schwab

Rachel is a certified life and business coach who has helped female entrepreneurs level up their mindset and business strategy for over a decade. Rachel started her career as communications specialist, worked in hospitality for many years, and eventually launched a digital marketing consultancy, among several other creative projects. She currently works with women, entrepreneurs and youth, helping her clients overcome limiting blocks, tap into their inner strengths and create lives they love. 


Natalie Syrmopoulos

Natalie is a coach, educator, author and powerhouse behind the Evolving with Natalie coaching community and summit series.  Natalie is passionate about living life to its fullest, and is committed to teaching and guiding women and their families to do the same. She brings over a decade of psychology studies, as well as business management and marketing experience. Most importantly, she embodies strong values around community and heart-centered, aligned work, that is positively empowering hundreds of women today.


Natalie & Rachel

Women Aligned Mini Course