You deserve a fulfilling, empowered and purposeful life.

A workshop designed to support your transformation

Ever get stuck or lose sight of your goals?

Feel lost or unsure of your purpose?

Think you have greater potential than what you’re currently functioning at?

Or are you simply just tired of surviving and you want to start thriving?

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Discover the transformative tools essential to being your best self.

In the Evolving with Agility Workshop you will gain insights through a deep dive with the four introspection pillars.

These fundamental foundational pillars, the 4AE Formula, are the core essence of Evolving.

One morning + One Foundational Formula =
An incredible leap toward your Transformation.


Let’s get you started and staying on the path you’ve always envisioned for yourself.
The 4AE formula is proven to support your journey while Evolving to your higher self.

In this 2½ hour workshop, you will:

Set yourself up for success NOW
and get a head start for 2021!

Discover the tools needed to shift your life to

empower yourself and begin your transformative journey to Evolving.

Are you ready to Evolve?

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Not sure yet?

Let me guess, that’s a mentality you’re familiar with….
Unsure, undecided, unclear of what course of action to take next.
And maybe you’re okay with that.
Maybe you’ve normalized it.
But if you want to BREAKFREE and BREAKTHROUGH the fog, then this opportunity is for you.

Trust me, you’re in good hands.
One of my superpowers is

I’m here to help you SHIFT that mindset, STEP into your true power and help you BUILD the confidence to do ANYTHING you want.

This may make you uncomfortable….
As such, you may not want to reach for this opportunity.

But I invite you to make a difference for YOU.

Evolving is not for the faint of heart.
It’s work.
It’s powerful.
It’s transformative.
And, it’s entirely possible for you…. IF you WANT it.

Do You?

Take a step toward making a difference for you and your life.

You can do this.
You’ve got this.
I’m here to support and guide you along the way.

Accepting all that you are while Evolving to all that you can be - this is the key to living to your fullest potential.

Upcoming Workshop Details:



Eager to Evolve

$200 $ 35
  • Exclusive offer during this year of unprecedented times

Evolving with Consistency

$300 $ 85
  • Exclusive offer during this year of unprecedented times
  • One year access to the Evolving Humanity Summit series (value $100)

Depends on the session day! Some dates are for the morning, afternoon and sometimes in the evening! See details above.

Because you have the POWER to make a difference in your life. YOU can BE the change you want to see in YOUR world. Join me to find out HOW to do that in my upcoming workshop!

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