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Yeah!!! I’m so happy to share more about LOVE with YOU!!

My bestselling book, Ignite Love, is a compilation of real-life stories from authors around the world and it’s available NOW!

We reached Amazon bestseller in 7 countries and in over 11 categories!!!

All you need is LOVE!

The world is in unprecedented times right now… what better time than now to fill our cups with love. This compilation book, called Ignite Love, was curated with authors from all over the world. Over 30 transformative stories, told from the heart, on any and every thing to do with love! Together, let’s raise the vibration of love around the world!

And YOU get to be part of that!

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Secondly, there are a couple of ways to get it, depending on what exactly you’re looking for… please see below for options!

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Device copy only

Starting at $6.75

Basic Hardcopy

Matte Colour copy, smaller book, some proceeds go to a bursary fund for the printing company.

Starting at $29.99

Exclusive Author Copy

Includes: Love Tickets, Love Coupons, Book Mark, a bigger book, superior print quality and a SIGNED copy!!!!
PLUS... you get to support a
local (me) author!!!

Starting at $23.99


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Best Seller in

7 Countries

Best Seller in

11 Categories

This is my call to you as you journey through the stories of love throughout this book: open your own heart to new possibilities.”
– Forward by Nicole Gibson, CEO & founder of Love Out Loud

YOU can make a difference!!!

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Thank you for joining me on this journey!

With tremendous love and gratitude,

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