Nourish Your Soul

How to Stay
grounded & calm
during the
hectic holiday season

Discover How to Breakthrough Old Patterns Keeping You From A Joyful And Empowering Life

The holiday season brings up so many mixed emotions:
excitement, exhaustion, and overwhelm can get the best of us...

Get grounded and feel nourished with some simple strategies.

Join me for this FREE workshop where I help you uncover the ONE lie that is holding you back!

Join me for this FREE workshop where
you will learn simple tools to help you stay
grounded and joyful throughout the season.

I will guide you and share the simple tools that will:

Nourish your Soul this Season with Self Care that
supports you AND your family

YES - I want to Nourish my Soul

Taking care of myself
doesn’t mean β€˜me first.’
It means β€˜me, too'.

L.R. Knost

Self-care is not a waste of time; self-care makes your use of time more sustainable.

Jackie Viramontez
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Your Questions Answered

Saturday December 4th @ 10am EST!Β  Register now (simply fill out the form above) to be on the list for this FREE workshop!

10am EST.

YES!!! If you’ve registered but are not able to make it, simply email me and I’ll send you part of the replay.

Once you fill out the above info, you’ll get an email with a zoom link! Be sure to check your junk mail and put us in your contacts (

Nothing! I want to help moms reDiscover who they are within the role of motherhood with SIMPLICITY & EASE!

It’ll be the best gift to yourself (and your family) this holiday season – you CANNOT enjoy the holidays with ease if you’re running on empty. I’ll share simple tools for the holidays to help you be your best.

This is exactly why you SHOULD! Trust me, I know first hand, how we can only do better for ourselves and our families once we know better. Come see how!

I get that – and that is exactly why you should come. I’ll show you a very simple and effective tool that WILL begin to make a positive difference for you.

The biggest challenge I hear from clients is: I don’t have time.Β 
I get that (it’s exactly what I experienced when I first stated this journey). I’ll walk you through the neurobiological component which is LIFE CHANGING!
Afterward, you’ll think “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

I know, first hand, the incredible difference it can make when you nourish you!!
The positive impact you'll have on your family is immeasurable -
come find out how to enjoy the holidays season with joy and ease.

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Join Natalie to learn how to Nourish Your Soul & Your Family during the holiday season.

Your Coach:
Natalie Syrmopoulos

Natalie is a Certified Connected Parenting & Women Empowerment Coach, former educator, entrepreneur, and an International Bestselling Author with a background in psychology, business and education. She is the founder and curator for the Evolving Summit Series which helped 1000s of families around the world navigate challenges with advice from experts in psychology, social work, doctors and therapists. Currently, Natalie is a Connected Parenting Practitioner, supporting families by helping them find joy and ease in their parenting journey. Having been a teacher and now a parent of two strong-willed, gladiator kids, she combines practical solutions with life-long sustainable practices, empowering parents to be the change they want to see in their family. Clients leave their sessions equipped to bridge the gap between being the parent they’ve always envisioned with the reality of meeting everyday challenges with confidence and ease.
To learn more about Natalie, simply click here.

Discover the 5 Foundational Pillars To a Sustainable Self Care Practice

Learn simple tools that will allow you the freedom to be grounded and nourished during the holiday season.