A Morning Dedicated to Nourish your Soul
With a Sisterhood of Mamas

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Nourish Your SOUL and Stay
Grounded During this Busy Time

If you find that over the holiday season you....

  • Have so many obligations
  • Feel tired and low in energy
  • Are unsure of how to set boundaries
  • Feel pressured or expected to doing things (hosting, visiting family, buying gifts)
  • Never have the time to do what is most important to you
  • Rarely have the time to rest
  • Feel like you are always doing it all, giving to others and have no time to refuel

Ready for a calm and nourishing
morning that will support you throughout
the most hectic time of the year?

Join me, your caring and supportive coach, and I'll show you how to:

💕 Create some time for yourself during the hectic holidays
💕 Set healthy boundaries that you feel good about
💕 Prioritize the things that are most important to you and your family (that align with YOUR values)
💕 Learn which simple self-care practices will fill you with joy AND save you time
💕 Manage your inner critic so that you can be at the top of the priority list WITHOUT guilt 
💕 Be part of an incredibly kind and caring sisterhood of other mamas

You DESERVE to get back to you!


Give yourself the chance to learn how to create the love you're worthy of.

Self-care is not a nice-to-have;
it's ESSENTIAL to the well-being
for you AND your loved ones.

Self-care is not a nice-to-have;
it's ESSENTIAL to the well-being
for you AND your loved ones.

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Nourish Your Soul

A Blissful Morning Infused with Calm and Peace
A Supportive and Welcoming Sisterhood of Mamas
1.5 hours of Coaching Catered to Nourish You
Simple and Easy Tools to Help Ground You During this Hectic Time
Soul Support in an Intimate Group Setting
Coaching that is Warm, Supportive, Caring and Compassionate
Access to Resources Supporting You During the Holidays (even after this event)
Guided Meditation that Nourishes your Soul
Tools that will Continue Supporting You During the Holidays

Valued OVER $800

Begins Saturday March 20th

***Registration is now closed***

To be on the waiting list for the next session
please email support@evolvingnatalie.com
with subject line: I want Self Care

Valid until Friday November 13th @12pm

1) Natalie's 2.5 hour workshop on the 4 As of Evolving on November 13th (Value $200 USD)
2) Michelle's 2.5 hour transformational workshop for Forgiveness and Inner-Healing with Michelle on December 18 (Value $200 USD)
TOTAL VALUE: $2200 ($1800+$200+200)

Valid until Wednesday December 30th

1) Natalie's 2.5 hour workshop on the 4 As of Evolving (Value $250 USD)
2) Michelle's 2.5 hour transformational workshop for Forgiveness and Inner-Healing (Value $250 USD)
TOTAL VALUE: $1300 ($800+$250+250)

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give to yourself

💕 Nourishing Your Soul is the best gift you could give to yourself AND your family

💕 Giving your best self is only possible when you are fully supported; this workshop will give you the tools to feel energized, calm, and peaceful without the guilt

💕 This nourishing morning is designed to help you feel grounded and peaceful during this hectic season

💕 These tools have made all the difference in my life and I want to share them with you because you deserve it too

🧘🏽‍♀️ you deserve it 🧘‍♀️


You deserve it. You are worthy of it.

I know, first hand, the incredible difference it can make
when you start to prioritize yourself too!!

Access to the Evolving Families Summit (Value $200)
Which provides you with hands on strategies for a happier, more peaceful family life.
Get a glimpse of this bonus here 
A copy of Natalie’s Bestselling book Ignite Love (Value $30)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $2000 (1800+200+30)

6 weeks of Natalie’s group coaching (Value $1200)
PLUS the following Bonuses:
Free Access to one of Natalie’s workshops: Evolving with Agility or Building Healthy Boundaries (Value $250 USD)
Access to the Evolving Humanity Summit, curated to help you
THRIVE no matter the circumstance! Get a glimpse of this bonus here (Value $100)
A copy of Natalie’s book Ignite Love (Value $30)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $1500 ($1200+250+100+30)

Regular Price $597 *

Workshop Price $333*

*in USD

you deserve it self care

Give Yourself this Gift $19*

*in USD

Doors Opening Soon


Sign up by Dec 13th and you'll get a
GIFT to enjoy during our morning together!

**delivery timing subject to Canada post (Canadian customers eligible).

Join Natalie for this
transformative morning
that will nourish & ground you during
the hectic holiday season.

Self-care is not a waste of time;
self-care makes your use of time more sustainable.

Your Questions Answered

Q: When is this event taking place?
A: This nourishing morning dedicated to YOU will take place on a Saturday. A new date to be released soon. Email natalie@evolvingnatalie.com to inquire further.

Q: What time is it at?
A: We begin at 9:30 am EST, a wonderful way to begin the holiday season, giving you the tools to enjoy this time of year.

Q: How long is it?
A: We will be together for about 1.5 hours. Block this time off for yourself – you deserve it – and it’s worth your well-being.

THIS IS where you get to begin setting boundaries for you (and your family). 
Not sure how to? Book a quick call with me here and I’ll support you! 

Q: What will the morning look like?
A: We will begin with a relaxing practice and ease into the morning by showing you the tools to create your holiday season with peace, calm and joy. See “What to Expect” above for more details of this nourishing morning.

Q: Where will the program take place?
A: Virtually! You can be in the comfort of your own home or wherever helps you be at peace.

Q: What is the GIFT and how do I get it?
A: It’s a gift for you to enjoy during our time together (it will be mailed out to you). This gift is only available to early sign ups!

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Get cozy and comfortable, bring a cup of coffee or tea and a notebook if you wish.

Q: What if I can’t make this time (i.e., I’m in a different time zone)?
A: Simply register and you’ll get the recording! We’re making it easy to support you.

Q: I’m not a mom, can I still join this event?
A: Yes! Although moms are typically busy, they aren’t the only ones who are overwhelmed during the holidays. Being with family, having too many obligations and working through the holidays can add a lot of stress to anyone! 

Q: I’m not sure if I can fit this into my schedule (I’m so busy), should I even bother?
A: YES! If you want calm and ease during the holidays – you DESERVE to be here!

You’re worth the investment and if you absolutely can’t make the time, simply register and you’ll get a copy of the recording.

Q: Why should I do this?
A: This time of the year can be extremely busy and overwhelming. As the pillar of your family, you need to be nourished and grounded – this morning workshop is going to help you get there. Your well-being, and that of your family, is the most important gift.

Let's put YOU at the top of the priority list too!
You deserve to make 2021 your best year yet!!!

You will receive incredible value!
6 weeks of small group coaching is valued at over $1200
BONUSES offered are valued at $380!!!
Total Value over $1500!
Are you ready to make that difference for YOU?

Yes - I want to start prioritizing myself!
I'm worth it!!!

Begins Saturday March 20th

First Three

Additional Bonus

Starting at $6.75

Embodiment Program

6 Week Self Care Embodiment Program

Starting at $23.99

Workshop Attendees

Includes 6 week Program Bonuses

Starting at $29.99

About Natalie

Hon. BA Psychology, BA Edu., DBT & IFS Therapy

Natalie Syrmopoulos is a certified Connected Parenting© coach & educator, Internal Family Systems facilitator, best-selling author, and the founder of the Evolving Families Summit; an online series that has supported thousands of families to empower their parenting.

Natalie works closely with parents and families to help create calm, peaceful homes, and thriving relationships. By gently working through emotional dysregulation, anger, anxiety and conditioned trauma, parents are able to raise kids who listen, feel validated and are able to manage big emotions.

Families that work with Natalie learn strategies that support them in the short term and long run. Helping you with immediate challenges while strengthening the foundation for the long term, you can build resilience, emotional agility, and conscious awareness within your family, bringing ease and joy into your home.
To learn more about Natalie, simply click here.

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